Erasmus + Youth Exchanges

We believe in taking responsibility for the energy we use, the food we eat, the waste we create, the wellbeing of those around us as well as of the generations that will come after. Experience, education and understanding is what we have to offer, because it is through these that we can shape the world we wish to create. For the better and brighter.

Our Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges brings young people together and provides them with an opportunity to make connections, network, share and exchange knowledge, skills and cultures. We support the participants building a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them by presenting them an alternative way of living in community and in connection with nature. We use art, theatre and non-formal education methods to improve various key competencies such as a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression, and many others. We challenge all newcomers to join us in community work, experience a vegan diet and participate in sharing circles and meditations.

Check our calendar for upcoming Youth exchanges and other events.

There is a story that connects all the activities. A thematic acts as a glue for the entire exchange and we decorate the entire farm according to a theme. This can range from medieval to tribal and futuristic, and then we will invite all knights, princesses, heroes, and time-travelers to join us. We expect all participants to bring a costume according to the theme.

At the Catfarm community, we host the Erasmus+ projects for Catfarm Education and the Adventures of the Valparaíso.

  • Two participants sleep in a three-person tent with air or 6cm thick sponge mattresses during the Youth Exchanges.
  • Bring your sleeping bag and pillow. We give extra blankets if it’s cold
  • Two outdoor showers (powered with solar energy). *bring your swimming suit
  • Two indoor, normal showers
  • One normal toilet inside
  • Two compost toilets outside
  • One small kitchen and one professional kitchen for up to 100 people (we only cook vegan food!!!)
  • The hangar, indoor communal space where we also eat
  • Wooden terrasse with shade where we eat together and host some of the outdoor workshops
  • 3G coverage on the farm, and wifi available
  • One indoor workshop area
  • Tipi available as the office
  • Bakery and supermarket nearby

We reimburse up to 275 euros for travel costs in total.
(minus 30 euro participation fee)

We require you to choose the greenest way to get to the farm.

  • Rail/Coach is obligatory for travel not exceeding 1000 km (2nd class only).
  • Plane (economy class only) can be an option if travel exceeds the distance of 1000 km or 24 hours of total traveling time.
  • We accept receipts from alternatives like Blablacar.
Requirements for partner organizations and their participants
  • Interested in the off-grid alternative way of living and staying in a tent
  • Gender equality; no sexism on the farm
  • Punctuality
  • All participants (inc. youth leader) must bring a costume according to the theme.
  • A fair level of English is required for participants, a good level for the leaders.
  • Participants must be between 18-27 years old
  • Inform participants about venue and theme
  • Participants cannot leave before the end of the exchange
  • 30 euros of participation fee for each project. This will be deducted from your reimbursement
  • Participants are open for vegan meals, community work, community activities like sharing circles and meditations
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Make sure you read all the information  from above. For more specific information about the projects check out the Facebook event page


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We expect one group leader plus one participant at the APV. Out of these two, at least one has to be present during the actual YE.


Please use tags @catfarm.poussan on Facebook and @the.catfarm on Instagram.

We are happy to announce you as a partner on Facebook. For this please send us a nice picture with a short text about your organisation 🙂


Interested in hosting your Youth Exchange here and use our facilities or become a partner for one of our projects? More info >

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