699 Cabrolous
34560 Poussan

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How to get to the Catfarm

Address: 699 Cabrolous, 34560 Poussan, France   <<<< Click to open the location in OpenStreetMap!

Or GPS:  43°29’54.6″N 3°39’29.2″E

Always try to arrive early at the farm since public transport is nearly non existing in the evenings.


By plane: Flying into Montpellier is easiest.  If that’s not possible, the next-closest airport is at Beziers. Try to arrive before 15h in order to still get to Poussan using public transport.

Avoid planes and take a bus or use Blablacar instead

Public Transport from Montpellier

From the airport, aim for the centre of Montpellier. Public transport takes 1.5 – 2 hours from the centre of Montpellier, depending on how well your tram connects with the bus. Check the bus times online using the link below before you travel; the bus runs every couple of hours Monday-Saturday, and only twice on Sundays.

Take tram line 2 from Montpellier (this stops outside the Gare de St-Roch, for those arriving by train) towards St Jean de Vedas, and get off at St Jean le Sec, which is one stop before the end of the line. The journey takes around 20 minutes from the city centre, and tickets cost 1.60.

From St. Jean le Sec, you can take a bus onwards to Poussan. Take either the 312, 103 or 104 to Meze (direct) or any bus going to Gigean. Ask the driver if they will pass Poussan if you’re unsure (“allez-vous à Poussan?” in French). Make sure to hold a bottle of wine or a croissant if you have trouble articulating. Buses depart St. Jean le Sec for Poussan at 06:40, 07:35, 11:15, 13:05, 15:00, 16:20, 17:20, 18:35 and 19:40 Monday to Saturday, and 08:25 and 16:25 on Sundays. These times are not exact and buses sometimes depart early so be sure to arrive at the stop in plenty of time! The bus fare is also 1.60.

Avoid buses departing at other times – these do not stop in Poussan and carry on directly to Bouzigues. The trip from St. Jean le Sec to Poussan usually takes around half an hour.


The bus will have an orange LED screen that has the name of the next stop it is passing through. When it flashes “POUSSAN” “CENTRE-VILLE”,  press the button, and you will be dropped off in the middle of the pretty little village.

It should be relatively easy to navigate from here using Google Maps, but if you have no idea where to walk to, go to the biggest bar in town and ask the uncle of Ulysses (his name is Jerome and he pretty much lives in the cafe) where the Catfarm is.

Further directions:

If you need more directions (for example, if you are arriving from Beziers or further afield), you can look up live directions on the site Rome2Rio; just change the “From” field to suit your starting place. 

( Last one is about 19:30, though they can depart a bit earlier! So be on time.)

If you miss the last bus, walk a bit further out of the city. You will find a good spot to hitchhike near there.


Public transport Schedule here.


Public transport website

Arranged hitchhike platform:


Bus companies: