699 Cabrolous
34560 Poussan

Please Contact by form/email (for volunteer applications) or phone us before dropping by!

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HOTLINE : 00 33 6 75 79 61 98
please use the contact form for volunteer questions/enquiries <3

Contact us before dropping by (call the HOTLINE).



For press information please contact:


Rent Location

For small events the Catfarm facilities can also be used.

We have a professional kitchen making it possible to cook for approximately 50 people

Our facilities are in the main terrain and there are two other fields near the Catfarm without water or electricity

For pictures of the installations you can check our gallery

Drop us an email at


How to get to the Catfarm

Address: 699 Cabrolous, 34560 Poussan, France   <<<< Click to open the location in OpenStreetMap!

Or GPS:  43°29’54.6″N 3°39’29.2″E

View a 360° degree picture.


Catfarm is located in Poussan.

Arriving at Poussan, it’s easy to find us using Google Maps, if you are lost, go to the biggest bar in town and ask where to find Catfarm.

Try to arrive early at the farm, because there is no public transport after 7 PM.

“As work is in progress to renovate the center of Poussan, make sure to check out the last updated timetables and bus stop on Hérault transports website!”

If you want to plan easily your trip, you can check this website/download the app : 




  • Bike 🚴🌎💚💚💚
  • Hitchhike 🌎💚💚💚
  • Train 🚆🌎💚💚
  • Carpooling🚕🌎💚💚
  • Bus🚌🌎💚💚
  • Airplane✈️🌎💔


  •  Bike 

Bike is the best transportation for your health and for the planet 😉

You can bring your bike for free on local trains, no reservation needed. If you are coming by bike you have priority on the Catfarm tents.

To plan your bike trip you can check   


  •   Train

Montpellier has two train stations: Saint-Roch and Sud de France. Saint-Roch is located in the center and from Sud de France take the Shuttle line to Montpellier. 

To continue your trip to Catfarm check the Bus section.

If you are coming from the Pyrenees the closest train station is Sète. Then take the Bus 21 of Sète Agglopole.

If you are 18/26y you get discount on your tickets. Remind to buy your tickets in advance, it will save a lot of money :,,

  •  Carpooling

By sharing car rides you can save your money (for buying your own car?)

Arranged hitchhike platform: 

Local carpooling Facebook group: 

  • Bus

Bus companies to Montpellier  https://www.ouibus.com


To go to Catfarm, from the center of Montpellier take tram line 2 towards St Jean de Vedas and get off at St jean le Sec (20m)

From St. Jean le Sec, take the bus to Poussan; either 312 (672), 103 (603) or 104 on the direction to Beziers ask the driver if they will pass Poussan if you’re unsure (“allez-vous à Poussan?” in French). Make sure to hold a bottle of wine or a croissant if you have trouble articulating. Remind to press the STOP BUTTON arriving at the stop ‘Pont de L’autoroute POUSSAN’ (line 603) and ‘Bois de Boulogne POUSSAN’ (line 672 – closer from walking distance to the farm).

Check the timetable :

Total time: 1,5/2 h from the center of Montpellier (depending of how well your tram connects with the bus)


  •  Airplane

If It’s possible for you and if the travel distance is less than 1000km, we encourage you to avoid planes

Montpellier and Beziers-Cap d Agde are the closest airports but Montpellier airport is the best option in terms of time and price.

Try to arrive before 15h in order to still get to Poussan using public transport.

from Montpellier airport, take the shuttle for the center of Montpellier. To continue your trip to Catfarm check the Bus section.

You can also fly to Marseille or Toulouse airports.

Are you 18 years old exactly?!

You might be eligible for a travel pass!
Read more about this here