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Catfarm Education is a non-profit organisation established in 2018 near the city of Poussan in Southern France. The Corecrew is composed of youth workers with an academic background and experience in non-formal education.

Catfarm Education vision aligns with social innovation and autonomy by raising awareness of the world around us, and broadening cultural understanding.

The aim is to empower youngsters by providing appealing non-formal education methods through human creativity, technologies and at the same time being a playground for the general public to promote mindfulness and to create awareness about our world’s limited resources.


       In order to contribute with an innovative approach in the educational field, our objectives are: 

  • Promote the youth activism and implement European volunteer projects
  • Support and develop the knowledge transfer through leaders related to the needs of their home country
  • Influence the general public and motivate them through real opportunities to work, participate, giving and receiving, by following our core values: Community, Sustainability and Creativity.

Catfarm community is the location of our projects. The Catfarm plays host to an ever-changing array of wanderers that want to go beyond dreaming and start doing. Catfarm volunteer projects are unique in the way that everything is run by and for young people to strengthen their knowledge and give them more confidence.

Since 2012, we informally host international volunteers through work exchange, in partnership with international platforms such as Worldpackers and Global Ecovillage Network, or by word of mouth. Along with this exchange of services, we share knowledge and practices in creative and non-formal ways.

We love to develop projects/activities which facilitate and promote sustainability, autonomy, creativity, well-being, social inclusion and self-expression, through skilling work, games, storytelling, workshops, music, theater and art.

Catfarm As a Host


Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges bring together young people from different countries and provide them with an opportunity to make connections, network, share, co-create and exchange knowledge, skills and cultures. In addition, during these European gatherings, we help young people to build a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We use non-formal education methods to improve various key competences such as a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression, self-empowerment and active eco-citizenship, and many others.

Since 2018, we have been co-beneficiary on various Youth Exchanges and a Training for Trainers.


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