Volunteer Roles

We welcome you to have a direction when you land at Catfarm so you may select a few roles or projects you would like to focus on (this does not guarantee you will really be doing this). It might happen that the project won’t be happening at the time you will arrive or there won’t be all the necessary people to even start it, or, maybe the Cat Role you prefer to take is already taken.

Check the “Project Page” to know more about some of the projects going on!

We ask you to tell us your ideas in the application and check if the projects you have in mind will be possible when you arrive. There is, of course, space to explore other areas and activities and we are flexible with that.

Here are some things to keep in mind during your stay:

  • One of the main priorities of your volunteer work is to improve the facilities to prepare the space to host projects at Catfarm (Youth Exchanges, Training, Open days, Festivals).
  • The Catfarm works with seasons and periods. Sometimes there is more focus on hosting events, other times more focus on building and maintenance and others more focused on developing projects etc.
  • The Catfarm is an incubator for creatives and entrepreneurs that are self-driven and motivated to develop themselves personally and professionally and are working together for a vision.
  • The Catfarm is a community/organisation with a structure shaped by Holacracy and trusted on the collective intelligence of individuals with a purpose. Catfarm is not a place to come spend holidays (for this you may check your options as a guest). The working pace of the community is medium-high, within everyone’s boundaries, and there are expectations for dedication effort and care.
  • The Cats love to hear new ideas and to discuss ways we could collaborate and develop artistic, social and ecological projects together. We love motivated people, so be welcome to share with us your ideas and skills <3.
  • We kindly ask you to support us in maintaining Catfarm a substance-free community.  We aim to move towards health, well-being and authentic connection, for this we do not allow an atmosphere of smoking and drinking.
  • Please do your best to understand and respect Catfarm’s on-site and online structures. More specifically, Holacracy (Cat Roles, Circles, Tension Meetings etc) & Notion – our online management system where we document all the processes


Before registering, we ask you to first check the community living page.

From there you can sign-up as a volunteer.