Bridges for Plastic

We will be collecting the plastic waste around Catfarm with a cargo bike, recycle it with machines,  and repurpose these materials into more useful objects.

We want to carry this project out to connect with the people of Poussan (34560, in Occitanie), to co-create a project with them, to mutualize the efforts of different associations, to explore the possibilities of technology, and to improve our environment in an innovative way.

For that, we want to attack plastic ! it is a material that is omnipresent around us ! In the Mediterranean Sea, there is over 600,000 tonnes of plastic thrown away each year. (According to WWF France, in an article, 07-06-2019). And most of this material is not recycled at the moment, it remains trash waste.

Quite strange since plastic is actually a very versatile material that can be used for making many diverse things ! So our goal is to collect the plastic waste around us, have the machines recycle it, to educate our community (Poussan including Catfarm) about the impact of plastic waste, and repurpose these materials into more useful objects. (Maybe a tiny house,
we have been inspired by “Precious Plastic”: ).

We then want to act on this rising problem while getting people around us involved in creative activities. This project will provide such an opportunity to connect with our neighbours and improve our environment together ! We hope to invite them to organize and create a system to collect plastic, were we will then recycle it, we will make workshops in schools and at local markets to present the process, and finally, we will make events to gather all the participants together and go further. Going further will mean generating a system of plastic currency where people would get plastic coins made out of what we will collect, in exchange for 10 plastic bottles. Then, in exchange for the coins, one could receive services at the Catfarm (a handmade product, a dinner,a yoga class etc).

In keeping with the vision of this project we of Catfarm hold parallel values. We desire to explore the possibilities of technology in rural life, and to go further in resource management (we already use dry toilets, compost, we gather food waste from local markets, solar panels, DIY products, etc).

To sum up, we have a strong desire to connect with the local population in a new way. This is the context of the beginning of the project !