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Summer 2023

Bridges for Plastic 10.08 – 25.08.2023

Autumn 2023

Catmosphere 21.09 – 5.10.2023

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Our facilities are also available for cultural and educational workshops that are in line with our values.
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Project title Year Program Promoter Hosting country Topics Impact
  Dancify!(postponed to 2021) 2020 Ka1 2020-1-NL02-KA105-002955 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Sharing Stories through Dance and Movement Celebrate diversity. Enhancing cultural awareness and expression through exploring music and dance as key ways to communicate
Go Green Go Gardening 2 2020 Ka1 2019-3-NL02-KA105-002724 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Focus on the full cycle of garden life Raise consciousness about gardening in its global picture, from composting to food conservation. Exploration of communities as a future sustainable way of life
Mindful storytelling 2020 Ka1 2020-2-NL02-KA105-003105 Adventures of the Valparaiso Netherlands Training for trainers about storytelling and mindfulness as tools to increase engagement Using languages of music, dance, theatre, words, writing and other interactive methodologies in storytelling to explore stories of our bodies, voices, minds, hearts, souls hold and further unleash them and express creatively
Tomorrow Today (postponed to 2021) 2020 Ka1 2019-3-NL02-KA105-002723 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Introduction to new technologies in the area of Telecommunications, AI and Robotics Integration of basic tools regarding their future in the context of a new technological revolution
Totem R.I.S.E 2019 Ka1 Twoplustwo Italy Urban and rural areas in time of globalisation Strengthen social inclusion, cultural identity, solidarity based on peace values
NonViolent Communication 2019 Ka1 2019-2-NL02-KA105-002593 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Peace building and conflict resolution Methods to raise awareness about emotional intelligence and conscious communication, transformative keys to influence our society
Go Green Go Gardening 2019 Ka1 2019-1-NL02-KA105-002460 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Permaculture and sustainability Intensify consciousness about environment-friendly lifestyle, permaculture and ways of making it a part of everyday life
Story Hunting 2019 Ka1 2018-3-NL02-KA105-002312 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Intercultural dialogue Enlarge awareness of theater as a tool to share European values
Share your Story 2018 Ka1 2018-1-NL02-KA105-002081 Adventures of the Valparaiso France Cultural awareness and expression Raise awareness about cultural diversity and empower with self-expression