Park your Campervan

If you’d like to come by Camper or Van you’re more than welcome but please keep in mind that the ramp to the main terrain is rather small.

It’s possible to get in the Catfarm’s main terrain by van as long as your vehicle is not higher than 2.6-2.7 meters or longer than 5-6 meters.

Also, the road is not in the best shape and goes up quite a steep hill on the way to our front gate so make sure your engine is strong enough to take it.

We do have a terrain with easier access 5 minutes walk from the Catfarm facilities.

It’s best if you leave the car down and walk uphill to explain to you where it is.

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Short Stay

We ask that short-term campers kindly pay a donation to support the project of €10 per night.

This amount is for the project, not to be confused with the contribution for the food.

For volunteering (longer stays of 2+ weeks) please check the volunteer page to know more about the stay with us and sign up through here.


Call the HOTLINE for last minute reservations.

‭>> 00 33 6 75 79 61 98 <<<

PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE DROPPING BY. We don’t always have a place <3


  • Be part of a community while still having your own private space.
  • Optional: A contribution of 4 euros per day per person to join us during breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as participation in the preparation of delicious meals and dishes. Without participation, there is a fixed price of 10 euros per day per person.
  • Learn new artistic skills or show us your existing ones!
  • We have two bikes for exploring the surrounding area. Sète’s beach is only 25 minutes away!
  • Remote worker or digital nomad? We have tables for laptops.
  • In your free time, join us for games or share your tales over a drink!
  • Free parking.


We are an inclusive community. 

From the moment you enter you are part of the group no matter where you come from, or your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Check out our Guidelines & Policies page for a better understanding of how we work.

get to know us

Read our about page to know more about us and our surroundings!

HOW TO GET to the catfarm

The catfarm is located on the outskirts of a medieval village, less than one hour drive from lively Montpellier. Check the different ways of transport to the Catfarm.