Le Catau

An ecological, social and innovative project for Occitanie.

5 minutes walking from Catfarm, one can find the wild terrain of 1.4 hectares known as “Le Catau” where we dream of expanding Catfarm to new horizons.

One of our purposes as an eco-place is to preserve our natural and agricultural resources. With Le Catau project we aim to work on reforestation and forest-garden planting necessary for the future resilience. From experimenting with agricultural techniques inspired by agro-forestry to support biodiversity, and creating natural buildings for public and educational space for the citizens of Poussan and surroundings.

Some of our plans:

  • To restore the local environment and support biodiversity – Permaculture field, fruit forest, and aquaculture.
  • Conduct scientific research – Tests on soil fertility and resilience after burying biochar activated; and mycelium mushroom cultures.
  • Promote education and raise awareness about environmental issues and solidarity – Receiving schools of the region, host trainings and seminars.
  • Be a social meet up point and create links among the region – Open days and community cafe
  • Combine low-tech with high-tech agricultural techniques with AI appliance – Microfarm, 3D printers
  • Showcase of a community shaped by creativity and collective intelligence