A Safe Space

The Catfarm is a safe place for anyone willing to express their creative power, be closer to nature and themselves. We welcome you to explore the possibilities of developing on your personal growth and be part of the change within the farm to make it closer to a well-being paradise, an enchanted place full of healing. Heaven for cats!

Substances policy

In Catfarm we try to offer the chance to experience a place (environmental, social and personal) free from substances, so that we can experiment alternative ways to bond, discover the self and deal with the most challenging (or beautiful) parts of us. We also try to ensure the most possible, a safe space, where consent and nonviolence are one of the main focuses.

For these reasons, some substances are not allowed in Catfarm: alcohol, (synthetic or designer) drugs, opioids, psycho-actives, hallucinogenes, weed or hash and ceremonial medicine that alters the state of being (like ayahuasca). Cigarettes are allowed only in the smoking area. 

To create fairness and clarity, the use of these substances is not allowed in all the terrain of Catfarm, which include: communal areas (both open and closed spaces), the parking, Catau private spaces (caravans, tents, rooms, mezzanines…) and also personal private spaces (such as your personal van or tent that you come with).

This policy comes from a long way of reflecting on the needs of the community and it’s not, in any way, a judgment towards the use of substances: we respect individual choices and beliefs and we believe that everyone is free to experience substances in different ways outside the terrain of Catfarm, but we ask to respect this policy when you are inside it. If you, for example, would like to have a glass of wine, feel free to go to the hills or to the town, and there is no need to feel ashamed. What we ask is that, when you come back to Catfarm, you still respect our guidelines (respect boundaries, consent, nonviolence, agreements…).

Before coming, we ask you to deeply reflect and commit to this policy and if you have any question, feel free to ask to the Balance circle (for ex. Care cats, Recruitment cat).

If for any reason you feel that this policy is not respected at any moment, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can approach a Care cat.    

The art of healing, the healing of art 

We wish to inspire people on a journey to find who they truly are, creatively express themselves, and to feel confident about what they want, without feelings of guilt, shame or fear. In other words, to empower individuals to be the designers of their own world and pursue their dreams taking into consideration their health and others.


Connect to your inner self

When spending time in the Catfarm you’ll be transforming into a cat

Cats are curious, playful, active, flexible, independent, flowy and loving. They go for walks in nature, move their body around, jump, stretch and don’t forget to miauw and purrr!

You will have time to listen to your heart and be one with nature. You will have the chance to connect with your breath while you fill your lungs with pure fresh air from the hills. Become more grounded, forget about time, enjoy your 9 cat lives!


How to find balance in the Catfarm

When you first come to the Catfarm you will be immersed in a new reality, be around people you never met and take on roles you have never experienced before. It might be a bit challenging to meet new people and acclimate to a new environment and stepping out of your comfort zone. We want you to know that this is normal and we understand it as we have all been through the same. You will have enough space and time to arrive and settle and start feeling home. Don’t hesitate to talk with one of the Miauwtors if you feel like it <3


Tips to feel like a cat 

We welcome you to connect with your body, calm your mind and find your soul.

A balanced cat can climb the highest trees and fall to the ground like a ninja!

  • Connected to nature and your root.
  • Eat healthy vegan food, drink lots of water and move your body all day long.
  • Respect your body, know your boundaries, say no when you have to, rest and go to sleep when your body tells you to.
  • Be open to talking with others about your feelings and emotions.
  • Join or initiate the sharing circles, meditation sessions and Moon celebrations.
  • Create and make art!
  • Help others and be open to give an extra hand when another cat needs it.
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day, welcome peace and calmness in your mind and enjoy the present moment.
  • Connected to your heart and follow your intuition.


Remember to breathe and listen to your body <3



We are not a shelter, healing center, or rehab. Everyone is responsible for their own health, well-being and wish to pursue the path of self-development to become better versions of themselves. This is part of creating a safe and peaceful space for everyone in the community. If you are experiencing problems that need help at a professional level we won’t be able to give you this with our community.


Please read our Guidelines & Policies