Meet the Team


“Creating a strong collective narrative lets the best ideas flow in the same direction towards a collective goal.”

Marketing / Sustainable Development

A marketing and communications professional who has been working in and with sustainability nonprofits and organisations for the last few years, after qualifying with a degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering. He has been working with Catfarm and Adventures of the Valparaiso for the last two years after discovering the project through mutual acquaintances, and wanted to be able to contribute his skillset and develop both personally and professionally. With experience in organising and running festivals, as well as national advertising and marketing campaigns, his main skills include content design, communications, branding and strategy, marketing planning, volunteer management and mentoring.

“Designing together community structures, ways of living, alternative culture and economic models is what I love and what I want to study and share in eco places.”

Aurélie Huet
Human Resources / Project Developer

After getting her master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems, with Erasmus+ , Aurélie travelled parts of the world and explored many cultures while she was volunteering in different types of communities before settling at Catfarm. Since 2018, she has helped co-managing the community and the association.
Her passion for human relations and values for a fairer society lead her into community building, project design and development, non formal education, as a youth worker, and intercultural exchanges. Her key competences are communication, organisation, logistic, administration and local development.

"I love inspiring people
to go on an inner journey
and flourish into their authentic self”

Alexandra Vis
Public Relations /
Project Developer

Graduated in International Business and Languages, where she acquired recruitment, marketing, communication, and event organisation skills. She has various volunteer experiences supporting vulnerable people across the globe. Nowadays she is working with the Catfarm and Adventures of the Valparaiso where she developed competences as a group leader, community manager and youth worker through non-formal education. Her passion for music, dance and healing practices has led her to become an ecstatic dance DJ. She takes people on their own inner journey through hosting workshops and dance events.

“The capacity of resiliency is universal. As gardener, I contribute by nourishing a fertile soil of experiments for new growth and regeneration of ecosystems, individually and collectively.”
Eliott Andreys
Gardener / Community Vocaliser

With an Organisation, Quality and Logistics diploma and having lived for 2 years in Angsbacka Kursgard, community, Sweden, where he served as an ESC the first year. He learned permaculture, event organisation and has been Improvement Team Leader and kitchen coordinator in festivals. His key competences lay on structuring the community daily life, project leading, gardening expertise and logistic flows. He is a project developer and the main gardener at the Catfarm.

“I believe that everyone has something to offer. Either skills, experiences or stories. Throughout this we can show what unites us instead of what separates us.”

Ulysses Schuitemaker
Founder / IT Infrastructure

With a background in IT and electronics, Ulysses moved towards visual arts and founded the Catfarm and the Adventures of Valparaiso community. He worked with over 1000 international youth since 2012 and has been leading and hosting workshops. For many of the projects, he does concept development and initiates new ideas. Ulysses has experience as a group leader and has managed many projects while teaching practical skills as a method. His key competences are leading, moving groups, mentoring, concept development, design, computing and practical skills. Strongly puts confidence in circular economy and the reuse of commodities.

"Create and distribute value through social impact - I feel that in the community it is a good place to live this challenge by learning and teaching."

Gabriel Busato
Finance and Administration

Gabriel is an entrepreneur with great knowledge and diverse skills. His experience include human resources management, finance, management offices, projects and operations. His main values are related to ethics, justice and integrity. He worked and created some companies and also have performed voluntary activities in non-profit institutions. Gabriel has a degree in Design and Management, MBA in leadership and human development and Master’s in Human Resources Management.