European Solidarity Corps

It is with great joy that we open the Catfarm’s gate to European volunteers in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps ! (ESC)

What is the European Solidarity Corps (ESC)?

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is an initiative by the European Union aimed at providing young people with opportunities to volunteer or work on projects that benefit communities and society as a whole. It offers a platform for young individuals aged 18-30 to engage in solidarity activities, promoting social cohesion and active citizenship.

At Catfarm, we believe in the power of community and collaboration to drive positive change. As a host for the ESC project, Catfarm is committed to providing a supportive environment where young volunteers can learn, grow, and make a tangible impact. Whether it’s participating in sustainable gardening practices, engaging in artistic endeavors, or supporting local initiatives, volunteers at Catfarm have the chance to explore their passions and develop valuable skills while contributing to our shared vision of a more sustainable and interconnected world.



Think Future

Think Future 1 was our first “European Solidarity Corps” opportunit for 6 months in 2021, which involved Ina and Florian, on Permaculture and Reforestation missions. Their work and enthousiasm helped us kickstart our Catau project !



Shared Gardens in Ecoplaces

SG2022, alias “Shared Gardens in Ecoplaces” was our second ESC opportunity in Catfarm, a short-term mission of two months in early summer 2022 to continue the Permaculture work made in 2021. Kerem, Léa, Pelin&Pelin worked together and watered the baby trees, one jug at a time.

Think Future 2

Think Future 2 was our third opportunity, on the topic of the plastic wastes and upcycling as conceptualized in the “Precious Plastic” Network. For 6 months in between June and December 2022, Karima, Pelin, Nicole, Theresa and Eline worked together on DIY plastic recycling solutions, sensitization workshops and created links with other collectives with similar aims.


Local Solidarity and Reforestation

Local Solidarity and Reforestation was our fourth ESC, a short-term mission in the cold months of January-February 2023. Laura, Sivert, Michelle and Francesca went every week planting trees with another friend association, “Forêt Globale”, and collaborated with local actors to hold the second edition of the Poussanese “Soup Party”.

Think Future 3

Think Future 3, our fifth ESC opportunity, was held in between March and December 2023 with Francesca, Ayca, Andrea, Kadmo, Javi and Freddie. They researched about their “Heart’s cause”, the challenge for which they would move and strive to create change in Society. Then, created a project about it !


Think Future 4

Think Future 4, our sixth ESC opportunity (wow, were’ getting good !) was based on our holacratic system and circles. Tamara, Paola, Paula, Pihla, Jota and Andreas came in between March and December 2024 and integrated the circle of their choice, develloping a project training themsleves “learning by doing” in the the topic of their liking. Ecobuilding, Permaculture, foodsaving… So much to learn and to share !

Join our community as an ESC Volunteer

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The Catfarm community is situated in the close countryside 20m from Sète, a mid-sized city in the beautiful south of France. A community car, bikes and public transports are available for the volunteers. We will host you in a double room, with all the necessary facilities in the common spaces (two kitchens, a bathroom, dry toilets, chill/co-working space, a terrasse to stretch your paws).  We are having at minimum a vegan diet as we cook for everyone, though you can consume any food in your private space.

Don’t forget to tell us about your allergies ! (Cats here)

What you receive
  • Opportunities to grow professionally 

  • 🛏 Accomodation

  • 🚂 Travel

  •  💸 7€ a day

  • Complementary Health Insurance (HENNER)

  • Being part of a fun team! (at least we think so)

Training during the opportunity:

To learn more about biodiversity and permaculture, all the possibilities are to be brought ! We have a gardener at Catfarm which will support you in your journey, and we can mandate some externals to give assistance. 

During your stay, on top of the regular training offered by the EU, we will propose weekly French lessons.

Furthermore, as a community, the Cats  often host workshops on broad topics. Plus, you will have the opportunity to be present to 3 different Erasmus + Youth exchanges during your stay. Miaow !


Important ! As you will live 8 months with us, we expect you to read our website, as we really wish that you click with our way of living ! 

  • In a gap year in between studies OR searching for their place in the world and want to learn more skills of how to shape your life to your wishes.
  • Open-minded and wanting to meet new people
  • Seeking for alternative ways of living
  • Connected to both nature and technology
  • Involved in topics like gender equality, human rights, environmental protection.