Join our team


Share your skills and express your passion! At the Catfarm you have the freedom to decide where you want to invest your time and energy in.

We are a team of helpful and skilled professionals that want to help you building something you believe in.
From programmers, designers, builders, lawyers, gardeners, teachers, healers, cooks and electricians, we welcome any type of skill and knowledge.


How to join the Corecrew

You will first come as a volunteer. After 3 months you will be considered a long-termer (paying half of the price for food, private space when you are on the community).

You can also contribute from distance (digital nomads welcome).


What you get after the trial period (at least 6 months):

  • A private place to sleep
  • Shared earnings
  • Influence the direction of a community
  • Develop cooperative leadership skills
  • Grow your personal projects with the support of a team
  • Being part of a fun team (at least we think so ^^ )


  • Long term commitment ( +6 months, online and/or at the farm, we are digital nomads)
  • 21+
  • Skilled in your field
  • Able to teach
  • Community mind
  • Assertive and punctual
  • Organisation and communication skills
  • Cooperation, adaptability and teamwork
  • Pro-activeness, self-discipline, and independence

Clearly state your motivation and the skills you would like to bring with your CV to

Don’t be shy to write to us, there are many ways through which you can get involved. We are sure that if you resonate you will make wonders ❤️


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