Catfarm Community

Catfarm Community is an informal community group based in the south of France.

We run our projects on an area of land owned by Ruud van Pinxteren, the father of community founder Ulysses Schuitemaker.

Since Ruud moved back to the Netherlands for health reasons, the farm has become a full-time hub for international creatives and travelers, carrying out artistic and sustainable projects.

Catfarm Community’s core members are:

Ulysses Schuitemaker –  Founder

Aurelie Huet – Project developer

Dan Gibbon-Walsh – Marketing and project manager

Catfarm Education

Catfarm Education is a registered non-public body (registration number W343026009) which received formal NGO status from the Prefecture of Herault on 9th November 2018. We carry out no commercial activities. The association’s main focus is partnering with other youth organisations through Erasmus Plus, to carry out Youth Exchanges and trainings promoting sustainable values and personal development through non-formal education methods. Catfarm Education supports independence and innovation by raising awareness of the world around us and broadening cultural understanding. We empower young people through creativity and development of technical skills while also being a playground for the general public to develop their understanding of our world’s limited resources.

Catfarm Education carries out no commercial activities. It is supported by Catfarm Community and uses its facilities during Erasmus Plus projects, to host participants and carry out various educational activities.

The board of Catfarm Education consists of two members:

Florentin Peters: Chair

Théa Leteuil-Paquet: Treasurer