Catmosphere Festival

Catfarm presents: Catmosphere Festival! The first year edition, this time focused on community life and integrative medicine.

Dates: POSTPONED TO 2022 – Camping & Food & Workshops Included in the ticket

With the stars and planetary alignments on the last weekend of September, fairy dust will fall over Poussan’s hills transforming Catfarm into a wonderland of magical feline creatures. All is flowing to make the Cats’ dream come true: Gathering one hundred Enchanted Panthers, Mystical Tigers, Marvellous Lions, Wizardry Jaguars and other Majestic Cats for a remarkable experience full of joy, healing and connecting, while building a thriving society where everyone can learn, grow and share skills.

This is a participatory event and you are part of it! At Catfarm we believe in empowering humans to live in their purpose and be in their flow. It is part of our mission to inspire and showcase a playground for people that want to go beyond dreaming and start doing. There are many ways from which you can dedicate your energy with. Stay tuned 😉


Gifting – Inspired by the “Gifting Economy” model, we welcome an unconditional gifting atmosphere where abundance of love, giving and receiving is floating all around.

Co-creation – We shift the passive role of the audience, into an active role as co-creator of experiences. This is where the change happens, as you’ll turn into an actor and become part of the performance.

Well-being – To pump up your vitality and mood, nutritious food and body & mind activities will be a daily element. We encourage you to go on a journey of self-discovery and deep connection with yourself and others.

Transparency – Being open and honest about our costs and budget as well as the goals and planning process will honour your involvement and create a trust culture.

Music – Besides bringing people together, music amplifies the surreal ambiance and connects people to the sacred. All bodies are welcomed to explore Ecstatic states by being submerged in hypnotic, minimalistic, groovy and psychedelic sounds.

Art – The space raises up into a magnetic and fascinating dimension. At Catfarm, we love theatre, poetry, color and decoration. We encourage everyone to showcase their talents and try new things.

Education – The main activities are based on our learning as a community and the different aspects of Catfarm that we would like to offer. Sharing skills and knowledge is part of the drill!

Environment Friendly – Showing the world how we are consciously using our resources and developing new ways to be self-sufficient is one of our missions. We urge you to travel green, leave no trace, use organic and avoid plastic.