The Pirate App > Stories as a currency

🔮 Imagine a world where story tales are more powerful than money. A world where there is unity and people feel more connected to each other. Where people feel better heard when expressing their intentions and are granted the opportunity to create an impact.

Imagine a united society where there are new purposes for old objects, ideally infinite uses of finite resources, conscious management of material usually thrown away.

– An alternative to the society where we constantly throw things away
– A way to connect people in a post-growth society

The Pirate App is a trading and alternative networking platform. The Pirate App enables individuals to trade items and stories with a world map of interactions, bridging social and geographical distances and reducing consumerism.

The Pirate App pursues a world where diversity is celebrated and sharing is universal, where people feel free and motivated to express themselves through their own stories, and participate in creating the collective story that we tell as a local and global community. It creates a marketplace for conscious exchange of objects and stories while promoting social transformation. It confronts current social and economic structures as it underlines the implementation of shared economies through emphasis on value of objects and stories. The app connects people who want to make a change, are looking for something different, seeking purpose. People that want to connect with others, not driven by the attraction to their physical appeal, as there won’t be real images of the users, but because they genuinely want to attract different and interesting people into their lives. The Pirate App way complements existing ways by introducing more complexity that enriches the content which drives to possible connections between people.

The app addresses various pressing issues such as cultural transformation, digitalization in education, consumeristic culture and youth empowerment through the art of storytelling. It works as a tool to connect and share ideas, to inspire each other and, it is specifically designed, to overcome cultural barriers (stereotypes, bias).

The app is a virtual place to engage with people of all backgrounds and ages, and it encourages those people to meet up and “trade their stories”. At the same time, it confronts current social and economic structures as it highlights the story behind an object and promotes circular economy principles of designing out waste, keeping products/materials in use and increasing the system’s resilience.

– to foster healthy relationships between young people and technology;
– to raise awareness about the risks associated with the internet;
– to promote circular economy principles through storytelling and intercultural dialogue;
– to offer alternative ways to mitigate the impact of consumerism in our society;
– to support community building processes and reinforce social cohesion;
– to re-design storytelling through innovative methods and dynamics;

Cities are not plainly existing out of their stones and cold concrete, they are made out of hundreds and thousands or memories. Hence, people identify themselves with certain places because of its stories.
We should consider all these stories and all the different people that identify themselves with the city.
This is why we need a space where the places, the stories and the people are connected with each other.