Tomorrow Today – Youth Exchange

Welcome to Catfarm’s interdimensional cultural exchange !

Tomorrow Today Youth Exchange will welcome participants from five different European countries and dimensions from 14th – 26th October. This is a great opportunity to improve your understanding of different cultures and foreign language skills. Living and learning with a diverse but like-minded group of people could also be the start of some lifetime international friendships. At Catfarm, you will have the opportunity to experience an alternative way of living in a sustainable community. With this Youth Exchange, we want to change your perspective and widen your view…

It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in Tomorrow Today. As it is an Erasmus+ project, we are able to cover all costs: travel and PCR tests (up to 275 €), food, and accommodation.

Catfarm has organized this Youth Exchange event to raise awareness of the direct impact of technology on the future of young adults. In this exchange, we will talk about how technological developments gradually change the structure of society. Also, since the future professional roles of young people will not remain the same, we will discuss many new opportunities in areas such as sustainable energy and telecommunications. We want to raise awareness of how the rapid development of artificial intelligence and web technologies shape our society and our future. We will aid young people in making informed decisions about their own future by enabling them to identify new areas of development they may seek to explore further.

So how are we trying to incorporate these principles in an eco-community in Poussan, southern France?

At Catfarm we believe it is possible that a technologically advanced society can complement and even benefit permaculture and sustainable living. Some of our current efforts to achieve this include:

  • The ability to remotely control almost all of our electrical appliances from our phone so we can reduce our consumption quickly and easily
  • Using solar panels as our primary energy source
  • A prototype automated farm robot to take care of our vegetable garden!
  • Of course, having great wifi and 4G connection all over the site ensures everything runs smoothly.  

The Tomorrow Today youth exchange is the perfect way to mix technology and sustainable community life. There will be fascinating and engaging workshops for participants to be involved in every day. Our workshops are not only to provide you with information but also to enable a space in which you can learn from and encourage others. These will explore a wide range of topics including: becoming familiar with a modern computer (and building one from scratch!), using machine learning, new discoveries in neuroscience.

What makes our youth exchanges unique, is that participants can expect to be fully integrated into community living while staying here at Catfarm. We are passionate about sharing our ideas about this way of life with young people. We host morning meetings every day to share announcements, plan the day’s activities and divide roles. Openness and expression of thought are crucial parts of our daily life here so we host sharing circles and tension meetings to feel heard, respected, and supported by everyone. These, combined with community cooking, cleaning, and free time, allow us to maintain a well-organized and uplifting environment.

Tomorrow Today Youth Exchange will enable you to understand yourself better, meet people from different cultures, educate yourself about technology and the future, exchange knowledge, explore an alternative way of living in a sustainable community, and much more…..