Turning Leftovers into Lifesavers: Catfarm’s Market Adventures

Every week on Thursdays and Sundays, the cats of Catfarm go to the local market in Meze. The purpose is for us to get fruits and vegetables to sustain us, but it also serves a purpose in relation to food waste management.
As we only ask for that which cannot be sold, we save the merchants from having to throw it away, and, as much of the food is still good enough to be eaten, it helps keep us happily nourished and satisfied, to do all the important good work that we do.

It’s really a win/win situation!

In these times of consumerism, food waste is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, and initiatives such as ours, to preserve the food that is left over, can be a great benefactor in turning the direction of how we handle food waste.
If you don’t want it, we will take it!

And whatever we don’t eat ourselves, goes into our veggie compost to be processed and used for landfill, thus completing the circle of nature, in much the same way as a tree’s leaves are dropped in Autumn, and help to renew the tree again in Spring.

The fruits and vegetables from the market in Meze help us to make delicious food every day, with a stroke of genius from our talented chefs, and it also serves the purpose of keeping Catfarm on good terms with the public. It’s all done in a good manner and with mutual respect. That’s why, when we ask for leftovers and the answer is “sorry, not today”, we say, “then it’s been a good day”, and we congratulate them on that. A smile is just as valuable as a satisfied stomach.