Where Art & Building meet – Improving the Facilities

In 2021 we need help in the maintenance and fixing our facilities. We aim to have a sweet combination between Building and Art and improve the comfort of the Cats by building new sleeping spaces and improving the new ones.

For most of these projects, we need people with medium building skills.

Other Building & Artsy Activities we are looking people for are:

Improving our Wooden Temple – Building a roof, growing hives around the poles, creating a peaceful looking decoration

Build a cozy Mezzanine in the Hangar – This will become an extra sleeping space in our common area

Fix the Ditch Stone Wall – We have a massive ditch next to the hangar and if we don’t fix it on time, the whole structure will fall. We are currently building a stone wall to hold the hangar wall

Design and Create a Mosaic Wall – The first wall you’ll see once you enter Catfarm needs some color! We have plenty of mosaics that need a purpose

Fix the roof of the Kitchen – Our roof is leaking 🙁 We need help to get the kitchen and living room dry and safe from the rain

Create a peaceful and welcoming entrance area – We gotta be honest, the entrance of Catfarm needs more light and artsy vibes <3

Change for Inox Surfaces – To make our kitchen easier to be cleaned, we will replace our surfaces for inox material.