Dear Explorers! 

In order to receive your travel reimbursement, please prepare the following documents: 

  1. The reimbursement form. The form is an excel sheet and can be found 

Here:  (please download the document and upload it filled in)

  1. The tickets(boarding passes) and invoices/itineraries of your journey. 

Once you have them ready, please send them here:

“What do I do with the form?” 

1) DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN FORM and fill in using your laptop. Please don’t fill in 

online, as there are other people using this link as a reference. 

2) To download: click FILE -> DOWNLOAD AS -> Microsoft Excel 

3) Fill in and send us the sheet in XLS. format 

The form you have downloaded looks like this:

“How do I fill in the form?” 

As you noticed, all spaces which you have to fill in are marked with a “FILL IN” 

“FILL IN” Checklist: 

  1. a) Your email: mention an email via which our bookkeeper could reach you in case she/he 

has questions or needs additional documents. 

  1. b) Your FULL Name and Surname, just like in your passport. 
  2. c) Your bank account details, namely: the Name of a bank, name of the bank account 

holder, IBAN and BIC. 

  1. d) Date, place – place where you are signing the form and date when you signed the form. 
  2. e) Signature – Please insert your DIGITAL You can copy-paste it in the 

sheet. Please, don’t send us scans of the document, etc. only XLS. versions of the sheet are accepted. 

  1. f) Information about your journey: 

From where to where: e.g. Marseille – Montpellier 

Note, tickets(boarding passes) and invoices(itineraries) should be entered in separated lines in the sheet. 

– What means of transport were used on that journey – e.g. bus, tram, train, etc. 

How much did it cost: if you bought it in EUR – write the mount – if not in 

EUR – fill in the cell nearby, indicating the amount and in which currency you have bought (for example – you bought a ticket in TL(Turkish Lira) and it cost 10 TL. Just fill in “10 TL” in the call and leave the cell with EUR empty) 

There is no need to convert currencies. Just leave the numbers in the cells. 

– Date when the ticket was purchased 

Example below (Amsterdam – Catfarm – Amsterdam):

I download the document and then fill in all necessary info in order:

Difference between a TICKET (Boarding Pass) and an INVOICE (with Itinerary):

“Why do I need to know?” 

In order to receive a travel reimbursement you should provide us with BOTH invoice and a ticket(boarding pass) of each journey. 

When taking plane. For example, you have a flight Rome – Montpellier

In order to receive a travel reimbursement it is not enough to send the itinerary(invoice) which indicates how much you have paid for the journey. It is necessary to confirm that you have taken the flight and attach your ticket, which(in this case) is your boarding pass Rome – Montpellier. 

When taking a journey by bus/train/tram: most of the time the price is written on the ticket (so this way you have one piece of paper or a document). HOWEVER, the price is not always written on the ticket. 

Please, keep other receipts that we could refer to check the price of your journey. 

Keep originals for 3 months after the event finished.


  • Your home – Rome Airport, by Blablacar ( 1 boarding pass + 1 invoice )
    Rome Airport – Montpellier Airport, by plane ( 1 boarding pass + 1 invoice )
  • Montpellier airport – Montpellier Center, by shuttle ( 1 boarding pass + 1 invoice )
  • Montpellier Center – Montpellier St Jean de Vedas, by tram ( 1 ticket + ask for invoice )
  • Montpellier St Jean de Vedas – Poussan, by  bus ( 1 ticket + ask for invoice )


Once you have sent us all documents we will process them and make a transfer within 4 weeks. The deadline to send us your reimbursement form and tickets/BP is two weeks after the event.

If you have any questions, please let us know  ^.^ 

please DO NOT SEND TICKETS to this email address. they will not be handled.