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Step off-grid and join our collaborative projects and be a part of a purrrfect adventure! We are a collective of nomads working and growing alongside each other to build and maintain our community in the beautiful region of Southern France.

This project offers a unique opportunity to learn new skills, showcase your talents, make life-long friends, and build a masterpiece together. We have the equipment to build living structures and are open to all creative input.

Also, you will have the time and right environment to reconnect with nature, work on your personal growth and connect with beautiful souls <3

The sky is the limit! If you have an affinity for cats and are interested in collaborating with other types of artists, healers, builders, gardeners and entrepreneurs to learn about sustainable and alternative living, this is perfect for you!


If you are looking for opportunities that don’t require you to physically be here

Please see our online positions on the project page.

Two months longer summer here!

The Catfarm sits amongst wide open space near the seaside and just 30 km away from Montpellier’s nightlife. The land allows off-grid living and has the potential for a permaculture system to be put in place. There is a lot of work to be done on this French farmhouse as well as a large amount of freedom for your own creative direction.

The thick castle-style walls of the house provide solid foundations and plenty of existing character oozing inspiration. It is a place where a community can thrive together, whilst working towards achieving sustainability through creative collaboration.

The Catfarm gained its name from the hard-to-miss giant cat altar that stands tall above the farmland amidst the picturesque hills of Poussan.


Why you should sign up

  • A chance to work on exciting sustainable projects.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Meeting other interesting people from various places around the world.
  • We love Art!
  • We teach people how to work with tools!
  • Freedom to follow your own creative direction.
  • Opportunity to develop your self professionally and co-create projects.

Practical info:

  • Volunteers contribute with €4,00/day which is for all meals.
  • Stay as a volunteer is for FREE. We do expect about 5 hours a day of active participation.
  • One hour a day of community sorrows (cooking, cleaning, dishes etc).
  • 1-month minimum.
  • BYOS ( Bring Your Own Sleeping bag).
  • We start our day at 9:30 am.
  • We are organically organised and everyone participates and can influence the project at our daily community meetings.
  • Got a cool idea? Tell us!
  • Off-the-grid living can be more challenging than what you might be used to and involves problem-solving and patience. But living in a community means we are all in this together, and no problem lasts too long when we work as a team.
  • Our main living area, The Hangar, is where we sleep, cook and relax. We require volunteers to be open to alternative ways of living, as you will be sleeping in our shared space, or in a tent.


Are you a remote worker/digital nomad, would you like to have a bit of extra space or just want to stay for a short time?
Be our guest and book accommodation.

Wooden Floor

Nomadic Tipi

404 oldtimer



Click on the image to see more pictures.



We have a Tipi and an old timer car.
You can work on your own projects whilst being part of the community. Check the “Be our Guest” section



At certain periods of the year the Catfarm organises production periods like Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges or Trainings and sometimes ecstatic dance parties. The production periods are: April, May, September and October.

The exact events and dates can be found on our Facebook page.

If you are planning to visit during these events, have in mind that the place will be full of around 40 awesome people. Also, the priority of the community is on hosting the participants so you will be directly involved in it while continuing your projects.

  • We expect a collaboration between volunteers and Youth Exchange participants
  • Try to arrive before and leave after the event.



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BEFORE SIGNING UP check out our Projects Page

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Volunteers from Worldpackers please send us a message through Worldpackers!



We are an inclusive community. From the moment you enter you are part of the group no matter where you come from, or your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Read the About us page to understand who we are, our Guidelines & Policies and what a Safe Space means to us.

Short stay? Check out the Peugeot 404 oldtimer or our tipi on Airbnb! 10% discount if you book through our website.