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Hackerfarm is an introduction to new technologies in the area of IoT, AI, and Robotics. The goal is to educate other communities for them to become more resourceful and autonomous in their daily needs.

We do this by building a playground that invites both the geeks and the gardeners. We want to make difficult systems easy to understand and implement.


The future has arrived, how do we make the best out of it?

Futurologists speak about ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. One that will enable disruptive business models to decentralise our economies, as we move from value systems based on ownership to ones enabling access to goods and services.

It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary schools today will likely be working in roles that do not currently exist. The traditional path for career development is shifting, and young adults will need to be aware of their new possibilities in order to keep up with the rapid change of our social structure.

Much of the disruption ahead will happen in some key areas. These include new energy sources, automation of simple repetitive tasks, telecommunications, new materials and manufacturing techniques, artificially designed biological systems, and artificial intelligence, which acts as a glue connecting innovation.

Hackerfarm is the connection between the real-life world and coding. The bread we eat and the apps we install on our phones. We want to make sovereign decisions regarding technology and our world’s limited resources.

Lets experiment, learn and play together!


To give the basic tools to explore new areas of development and be able to make more informed decisions regarding our own future in the context of a new technological revolution.

In order to do this, we want to automate as much as we can to push functionality. Not always seeking practical solutions first, but to test and play with new technologies.

Making complex systems easy and to be more resourceful while being independent, off-grid and online. In this way, turning coding into a playground of useful applications.

Do you hear the Hackerfarm calling?

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