Author: Ulysses Schuitemaker

Le Catau

An ecological, social and innovative project for Occitanie. 5 minutes walking from Catfarm, one can find the wild terrain of 1.4 hectares known as “Le Catau” where we dream of expanding Catfarm to new horizons. One of our purposes as an eco-place is to preserve our natural and agricultural resources.

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Bridges for Plastic

We will be collecting the plastic waste around Catfarm with a cargo bike like the one on the right side, recycle it with machines,  and repurpose these materials into more useful objects. We want to carry this project out to connect with the people of Poussan (34560, in Occitanie), to

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Waste Management – Youth Exchange

The “Overshoot day” is a notion that defines “when humanity has had simply exceeds what Earth resources can provide in 12 months”. In 1970, it was recorded in December. During 1990 in October! Last year, we have passed it in August! This year in July 29th… That means we actually

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