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“The Native American communities will be the thematic of this proposed youth exchange.It stands for the colonization of the “modern” people that basically annihilated the Native American population and their cultures, as apparently the globalization nowadays is doing with the rural areas. Besides the collective level and the tendency of cultures vanishing, is losing among young people also the community sense, the spirit of sharing, of collaboration, taking care of each other and nature and spiritual values in general. The opportunities in urban area are mainly based on material values, on competition, where the general chaos and stress is pushing young people towards selfish attitudes, individualism, separation, exclusion, discrimination and small or large scale conflicts.This youth exchange is aiming to reconnect young people with their cultural roots and their emotions, in order to reach a sense of cultural identity, based on solidarity and peaceful values.”


“Totem R.I.S.E (Rural Introspection & Spiritual Evolution)”


Travel costs, Food, Accomodation is covered by Erasmus.


You are between 18 and 28 years old and you reflect in this project, don’t hesitate to join the Youth Exchange Project starting in December, and be ready for an unforgettable experience!


When: 13 December 2019 – 22 December 2019

Where: Roccamonfina (Italy)

Who: Dutch between the 18 and 24/28-year-old.

More information in the infopack.
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To sign up please contact the group leader Aurelie Huet.

Her email adres is :


This exchange is made by our partners in Italy (Two+Two) , participants will be sent from the Adventures of the Valparaíso Foundation.