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Waste Management – Youth Exchange

The “Overshoot day” is a notion that defines “when humanity has had simply exceeds what Earth resources can provide in 12 months”. In 1970, it was recorded in December. During 1990 in October! Last year, we have passed it in August! This year in July 29th… That means we actually

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2021, Apocalypse, Microfarm and Alexsandroid

Barefoot, long-haired and roaming around with a guitar is how often outsiders think of an average youngster that decides to embark on a Catfarm Adventure and jump into community life. Although there is something true about this unshaved imaginary, there are many other aspects of community that don’t need to

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Why would I fly?

I admit it – I fly way too often. Being in a full-time job and coordinating several aspects of various projects around Europe means I’m going through security way more than I’d like to. This Friday I’m coming to one of my favorite places to run a preparation visit for

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