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The experience of Vitória

Catfarm is a pretty singular place. Like a  playground, it embraces all kinds of pluralities. It’s a place where everything is possible. All sorts of magic can happen there: love, peace, art, music jams, healing sessions and eventually something that mysteriously went broken. Of course, gardening plays an important role

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Sea Gypsys – Mindfull storytelling

There are various methods out there to share stories however oftentimes the stories are shared for the sake of sharing, for the sake of expressing. Mindlessly. Without having any intentions or without listening to one’s true intentions and motivations. As a result, the stories remain unheard and untold. The training

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Sustainable transport to the Catfarm & beyond

Embarking on your journey to contribute to sustainable living this summer? Start your carbon detox journey en route to the Catfarm! What is the Catfarm? Our mission statement is “sustainability, creativity, community”. We are an off-grid community that welcomes artists, entrepreneurs, (digital) nomads and travellers– anyone with a desire to

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