Why would I fly?

I admit it – I fly way too often. Being in a full-time job and coordinating several aspects of various projects around Europe means I’m going through security way more than I’d like to.

This Friday I’m coming to one of my favorite places to run a preparation visit for one of our Erasmus+ Catfarm youth exchanges (get involved!).

Besides – don’t we all want to see the world?

There’s something about rushing everywhere that seems synonymous with airports and catching planes in general – something that can get you used to run everywhere, never stopping to quite appreciate what’s in front of you.

Then there’s the chance to catch a cheap flight and end up in a different continent in less time than it takes to get across France, which I’m doing right now.

So why bother?

As we all hear, emissions from flights are considered one of the worst effects on our environment, and the numbers only continue to paint a sorry picture. Should we all be worried? Should we refuse to leave the house, and be scared of the future of our planet?

We’d like to think not, but the recent campaign emanating from Scandinavia holds a lot of truth for many people. Flygskam, or flight-shame as it translates in English, has been picking up support from the public and the media, and for good reason.

As I’m sat on a seven-hour train journey to the Catfarm from Amsterdam, I’ve already got four hours of work done and missed a connection, and I don’t feel remotely stressed.

Get on a train and take the slow route here, it’s worth it in so many ways.

One thing though – if you’re from a train company and you’re reading this – make it cheaper! If you work for a government – start subsidizing! Flights should not be half the price and half the time of a train, even if it does have other benefits.

The Catfarm has a reputation for getting things done in its own way, and there’s something about that which makes sense while I’m on a train here.

So how are you getting to the Catfarm?

Check out our transport guide here.

Written by Dan. Our marketing/content expert/cat.