Short projects

Short-term project.

Catfarm short-term projects are practical goals that we have for the near future where we invite you to take charge of a certain project where you can learn lots of new skills and meet new people.

You will be part of the construction and creative aspects of the project but can also help us to create it in the greenest way possible.


Are  you:

  • Assertive
  • Have the amount of time required for the project.
  • Have some practical skills
  • Responsabile & reliable
  • A team player (there are many cats here on the farm that can teach you a thing or two)
  • Have an eye for detail

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Compost Cat wanted!

Wanting to learn how to build something with wood while boosting all your compost expertise over us all?


We are tired of picking our chickens out of the compost (their version of take-away Asian food) and we need to make a door for it.

We also need some signs so we remember not to throw coffee on it anymore (we started drinking decaf, it’s better for the chickens… )


We expect this short-term project to take two weeks.


We will guide you as needed.



Kitty Sauna

Let’s get steamy on the farm — help us to build a round Sauna!

Inside, a small wood-burning stove and through the stained-glass windows, views of the vineyards.

Something with a little porch at the front, and a swing in the nearby tree (since naked swinging is very 2019).


So together let’s research how many sweaty kitties we can fit into a small community sauna <3

Who would like to help us to create this purrrring masterpiece together?



Kangoo to Toolshed

Want to learn how to convert a CAR into a TOOLSHED?

With even more dents than kilometers, it’s time to give this driving legacy a final resting spot.

At nearly 20 years of age and after about 500,000 km around Europe, it will become our new toolshed.


Drawers for pliers and all screwdrivers organised à la Catfarm 2019.

This will be la push towards being more organised 2019 in swag..


Painting and getting the lights working will be part of the project again.


Artists welcome!

This car we have recently made into a guest accomodation;

More information about this upcycling project you can find here.




For all short-term projects we have a set period of time to build them. When they say SPRING, be sure to plan the entire timescale of the project to fall within the spring season.


A short-term project can be a purrrrfect stepping stone to a long-term project with us.

We are a community and develop as a whole.


Feel free to contact us regarding any of the current projects.

Also, check out the open call page for open enquiries.



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